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We are a law firm who understand that in the debt recovery industry clients must have regard to both legal and commercial aspects. This approach generates results for those who instruct us and our clients benefit from a firm who's experience allows innovation in recovery techniques.

Nolans Solicitors are one of the largest litigation and debt recovery firms in Scotland and we are specialists in the debt recovery, litigation and insolvency field. Our clients benefit from this expertise and knowledge of the rules.

Nolans Solicitors can provide a range of services for our clients. Please click on the services link above for more information on these services


Complaints Procedure

Nolans is a legal firm authorised and regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. As such Nolans has an appointed Client Relations Partner who is responsible for addressing all complaints made either concerning the service offered by the firm or any of its partners or about the conduct of the firm or any of its partners.

The handling of complaints about service and conduct of solicitors in Scotland is now under the auspices of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC).

You should write in the first instance to:-

Client Relations Partner
Nolans Solicitors
Donaldson House
39 Donaldson Street
G66 1XE



What you need to know

You must first of all give your legal practitioner the chance to resolve your complaint. If you have not done so, we will ask you to make the complaint to them and it will be recorded by us as premature. We will also write to the practitioner to tell them we have done this. A practitioner is someone who is a solicitor, advocate, commercial attorney, conveyancing or executry practitioner.

If your practitioner is unable to resolve the complaint, you should send it to the SLCC. We deal with three types of complaint; service complaints, conduct complaints and handling complaints

What kind of complaint do you have?

There are different types of complaints about legal practitioners and you can read a brief description of what they are below. This will help you to select the complaint form which is appropriate to your complaint.

If you would like advice about making a complaint from a member of the SLCC’s Gateway Team, you can call them on 0131 528 5111, send a fax on 0131 528 5110 or by email at

If you require assistance to complete a complaint form, please tell a member of our Gateway Team and they will be able to help you.

Service Complaint
Conduct Complaint
You can complain about service, conduct or both
Handling Complaint
Important Time Limits

Service Complaint

This is about the quality of work a practitioner has carried out, or which you think should have been carried out, during the course of a transaction.

Conduct Complaint

This is about a practitioner's behaviour, their fitness to carry out work and how they have behaved either in carrying out a transaction or outside of business. We pass complaints about conduct to the relevant professional body and these are the Law Society of Scotland (LSS), Faculty of Advocates (F o A) or Association of Commercial Attorneys (ACA). Complaints about the conduct of conveyancing and executry practitioners are passed to the Law Society of Scotland as they are responsible for their regulation under the Public Appointments and Public Bodies (Scotland) Act 2003.

You can complain about service, conduct or both

If you are unsure of the type of your complaint, you can fill in the complaint form and we will assess what type of complaint you have. If you would like to speak to someone about your complaint, you can telephone a member of the SLCC’s Gateway Team on 0131 528 5111 or you can email them at

Handling Complaint

This is about the way a professional body has dealt with the investigation of a complaint about a practitioner's conduct. If you are not happy with how the investigation into your complaint has been carried out, and the conduct occurred on or after 1 October 2008, you can make a handling complaint to us and you can read more about this here.

Important Time Limits

Service or conduct complaints

You must contact the SLCC within 12 months of the service ending, or within 12 months of the date when you could reasonably have been made aware of the matter. If you make your complaint after the 12 month deadline has passed, it is unlikely that we will be able to consider your complaint unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Handling complaints

You must contact the SLCC about this type of complaint within 6 months of the date on which the professional body wrote to you with their decision. If you contact us after this date, we cannot consider your complaint.

Unacceptable actions

There are rare occasions when complainers pursue their complaints in a way that can impede their investigation or have significant impact on the SLCC. The Unacceptable Actions Policy (PDF 47.3KB) sets out our approach to the relatively few occasions when we consider an individual's actions or behaviour to be unacceptable.

For more information you can call the SLCC on 0131 528 5111, send a fax to 0131 528 5110 or email us at